Salon Tenshi Ultimate Scalp & Hair Therapy Treatment

Two part Oil Treatment

-One for the scalp, helps exfoliate any dead skin, dandruff, or build up off the scalp. All of these scalp conditions can clog the follicle and not allow the moisture that is needed to maintain a healthy scalp. if the follicle can not receive the moisture that is needed to maintain it's health it can lead to thinning. This elixir can help!

- Second oil is for the hair. This essential oil is chosen based on how the dryness level is in the hair. Also if it's natural, relaxed/ chemically treated by any straighteners, or color treated.

After the two essential oils are massaged into the hair and scalp. You will seat under our scalp and hair care machine. This machine has three features that you will benefit from.

1. Red Chromo Lighting. This has the ability to penetrate at the depth where the hair follicle resides. This process helps promote blood circulation and stimulates the cells that promote nutrition and dispose of build up.

2. Blue Chromo Lighting. This act as a bactericide treatment for scalp disorders that are listed above. Also helps relieve the scalp from any irritation that can be cause from dryness, itching, and tenderness.

3. Ozone Therapy. Helps eliminate unpleasant odors and further treat dandruff by eliminating bacteria off the scalp.

After you are shampooed with the proper shampoo catering to your scalp and hair needs. You will go under our steam treatment. The steam treatment helps remove any impurities frim the hair and smooth the hair shaft. While also helping to further remove any bacteria out of the scalp that can cause dandruff, psoriasis, eczema.

Hair color is definitely and huge demand at salon Tenshi. We believe that yes color is beautiful and fabulous but the hair and scalp should never be compromised for the trends of being a blonde, brunette, or red head. One of the ways we avoid hair color damage is by adding a essential oil treatment into every bowl of color that is mixed. This oil will hydrate the hair and scalp, promote shine and moisture, and fill in any dry areas of the hair that might not absorb the color as much due to it's porous condition. You will be at peace with knowing while your color processes your hair is maintaining it's health if not getting healthier.

This oil treatment can also be added to your home hair care regimen or done in the salon in-between your color visits.

Ladies it's also available as a pre hair cut treatment. At salon Tenshi we value our clients time and have healthy hair options for when a lot of time is not available but moisture and additional hair care is needed. We will put the treatment on the hair before we cut it and cut your hair while the treatment does it's job. This will allow your hair and scalp to receive the moisture it needs while you receive the fabulous new haircut YOU need! firm the hair and smooth the hair shaft. While also helping to further remove any bacteria out of the scalp that can cause dandruff, psoriasis, eczema.